Monday, April 8, 2013

Sugar and Spice

When El learned to climb out of her crib it was a sad day.  My peaceful mid-day quiet time was instantly dissolved.  I tried everything I could think of, but to no avail.  The good news was that I was able to get rid of the crib.  It's the same crib we purchased over twelve years ago and used for all five of our children.  I should have felt sentimental about it.  But I didn't.  I was totally ready to let it go.  I was eager to pull out the other twin bed and put on the matching bedding and headboard so the room could look finished and cutsie. When I made the large frame with the jigsaw, I took the leftover pieces and made these headboards.  Just added some batting and stapled on cute fabric.  There was a weird spot in the center, so I sewed the little flowers.  That's right, actually used a needle and thread.  Then I just threw the headboards on there.  They are not even attached.  That's my typical, hasty way of doing things, and Dan wasn't interested in doing it properly for me.  Apart from a couple of empty frames and such, the room finally looks done.  I would like to put that Shakespeare quote up, that says "though she be but little, she is fierce."  It fits Savy to a tee.  But maybe I should balance it with something that does not reinforce undesirable behavior.  Just a thought I had.
Sadly, it's rarely clean in there.  But I took the opportunity after an ambitious day (when I even pulled the vacuum out) to take some pics.  It's definitely girlie, but it's kind of fun to go floofy once in awhile, don't you think?
Oh, and another little happy ending:  El has decided to nap again.    It's hit and miss, but I am most grateful.