Choosing a Location

The location will set the mood for your session.  Consider what style you want your portraits to be.  You will want to choose a place that fits your personality as well.  I usually shoot newborn sessions at the clients home (although I’ve done them outdoors as well). This gives the portraits a natural feel and when you look at them years from now you will see elements of your lifestyle in them.  It also makes baby feel more comfortable and is easier for mom and dad.
I primarily shoot outdoors.  It gives me a variety of locations to work in so things don’t get stale.  It also allows room for the kids or family to move around and play.  When you choose a location, consider your personality.  If you’re an outdoor person you may like Shoshone Falls, CSI, or Centennial Park.  If you prefer a “grunge” look downtown offers a variety of colors and textures that I love to work with.  If it’s winter, I still do outdoor sessions.  A snowy day and winter clothes can make for some unique and beautiful pictures.
Be creative.  If you can come up with someplace unique, your pictures will be more unique.  Perhaps you know someone with a great yard, an old barn, vintage cars, an open field.  I’m always on the lookout for fresh places to shoot and would be very much obliged!
If you’re having engagements portraits done, I like to ask where you met, had your first date, and what you do most often together.  Adding some of your personal story can make your session unique and meaningful, and fun as well!  We can usually fit in a more traditional location as well.