Monday, January 9, 2012


I thought this time I'd post some family pics and New Yearsy thoughts.  I was reading a blog earlier and it said you're supposed to pick a word for the year, that would inspire you to improve something in your life.  The first word that popped into my head, probably because I was thinking about it last night, was "enough." Not my usual "enough" as in "It's a good enough thing," but is what I'm doing enough. Not to be negative, I just feel like it's time to step things up a notch.  Is the attention I'm giving my kids enough?  Am I teaching them (by word AND example) enough?  Am I signing up or offering to volunteer when I can? Am I doing things, spiritually speaking, that I know I'm supposed to do but have let slip?  I hope I keep this word in my head when I'm tempted to be lazy instead of taking opportunities to be what I should be.  And I guess this could extend to, "That's enough ice cream, thank you."  The end.

 My favorite kind of mom photo.  How many times have we looked down and seen this?  And I have to admit, it's usually associated with frustration because when they go through this phase, it's not always easy.

Leave it to Savy to ask for a bb gun.  Needless to say she got a pop gun and they all got nerf guns.  She slept with this thing like a teddy bear.

Here are some Christmas and miscellaneous pics, just for fun! I tried to give some of them a retro look, but I'm not sure I fully succeeded.

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  1. my first thought of "enough" was "THATS ENOUGH! I've had it!" not really the same thing.

    hummm... i wonder what word mine would be for this year. That is a very good one! Thanks for being a wonderful friend that inspires me to be a little better.

    I love the pictures of christmas! like the retro look. you always know exactly what to do with Savvy's fun requests! haha! Love that! I still just need to give mine a big box for christmas. I think it was Isabel that asked for that many years before she asked for a tablet.