Friday, January 25, 2013

So I wrote a book

I meant to write a bit about the book, since I posted a picture of the cover and all.  Mostly it was there because I needed some opinions on it, and this was a good place to put it.  It's up for sale on Amazon now, and I'm working on making physical copies available. 
I've always loved writing, and wished I could write a book, but I felt completely blocked every time I tried to come up with a story.  Then one night I was thinking about it and something came to me.  More and more details fell into place until I had to get up and write my ideas down.  I tend to focus obsessively on one thing at a time, so once this was underway, it all went rather quickly.  It was painful, and since I'd never done this before I wasn't confident that I could complete the whole process.  But I wrote most of it out over the summer.  Then of course there were months of fine tuning that drove me crazy and made me sick of the whole thing.  I had help from family and friends and an online critique group and I learned so much.  Of course I'd really like to try it again, and I have lots of ideas and several stories underway, but I don't have the same drive as I did the first time, and my confidence wavers a lot.  So we will see.  Here is the link:

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