Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nesting.  Kindof.

I'm not pregnant or anything, but maybe that's a term we could use in the almost-spring.  Seems appropriate.  And I am starting to clean and de-clutter and do crazy projects, losing sleep because my mind won't slow down, all of that.  I finally started making my laundry look like a happy place to be.  I'll wait to post pics until it's all done.
I was reading a post from Houzz today about getting rid of things you don't need or want.  It's true, I keep a lot of things out of guilt:  Guilt because I bought it and shouldn't have, guilt because someone gave it to me and I think I should keep it.  I also keep things because I'm a little sentimental pack rat, and because I'm kind of a slob and don't de-clutter often enough.  Anyway, someone posted after that article about a concept that there are strings attached from you to every item that surrounds you.  I don't think I really buy into the little emotional invisible strings or whatever, but I like the imagery.  Think about it.  Every time you look at a stack on a kitchen counter, or notice the little pile of screws in a corner somewhere that you don't feel you should get rid of, don't you die a little inside?  So today, while that's fresh in my mind, I'm getting rid of some things, or at least getting them out of my face.  I mean, if you want to keep weird little screws, at least put them in a box or drawers somewhere.  It would be nice to live a little simpler too.  Not sure if I have it in me, but we can try.
So I have a list of things I really really need or I'll die but not really because stuff is just stuff, right? And a huger list of projects that need to be done, and also require that things be purchased.  I'm getting a little crazy about it, because I've been cooped up too long and I need something to distract me until the weather improves, and I haven't done much creatively in way too long.  Also we'll finally be financially able to do some of those things soon.  I think it would be really cool if we actually made our basement  a place that adults would set foot in, rather than Lord of the Flies Land.  The kids don't realize it, because they kindof like to roller blade down there, and wreak havoc that we only make them clean up every once in awhile, but I think they'd like a nice place to play too, and maybe there would be more than one light.  But Dan says we need gutters first, and to fix the garage door that blew in on one of those crazy windy days.  Blah, blah, practicality.  And by the way I am totally grateful that we'll be able to get some things crossed off our list.  So there's a peek at just a few of the crazy things that are swimming around in my head. 
It feels weird not posing a pic, so I will.  I found this the other day, and think it was two springs ago, in the backyard.  Weird because it doesn't seem like it was that long ago.
Oh- one other piece of really good news:  Target is selling the dark chocolate Cadbury robin eggs this year.  I stocked up already.

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  1. I've been doing the same thing!! When we had to move there was not time to sort through some of the stuff. And when we moved in somethings just got stuck in a closet or something, so I finally have been organizing and condensing and throwing out stuff. It feels so good! Now if we end up moving soon at least I have already dejunked!