Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grants Eleventy First Birthday, or Maybe Just Eleventh

I guess it seems like all we do around here is have Birthday parties.  We kind of went crazy with it when we moved here and had more space, and the Haake's left us and they didn't have a pile of cousins at every Birthday party.  But I think I'm burning out a little.  We might slow them down after this one.
I was so excited that Grant wanted to have a Hobbit party.  I love that book.  I had Dan make a cave that I found the instructions for (on Pinterest, of course).  He thought it was going to be pointless, but I'll tell you, it was the hit of the party.  We put flashlights and riddles in there, but mostly there was a lot of growling and screaming coming from inside.  Gollum's cave was totally worth it. 
The cupcakes were pretty easy.  I just painted the cookies with food coloring and added a peanut m&m.  Cute little hobbit doors.  We had good old barbeque chicken legs and potato salad, Gollum's goodies were gummy frogs, fish, and worms, and Elf cookies were the council of Elrond. 
We had a two legged race, and played horseshoes, which we thought were appropriate Shire games.  Katia even gave people hairy hobbit toes.
Afterward we watched the movie, of course, although only one boy was able to stay for it. 

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