Wednesday, August 28, 2013

When we moved into our home, it was so overwhelming.  I felt like everything had to be done at once, and I was impatient for our home to start reflecting who we are. But I think once I got the main areas filled in, the big blank walls decorated, and infused some color into the place I calmed down a little.  Really I'm glad it can't be done all at once though.  I mean, what would fill my need for creative endeavors if I was all done.  Also, you can get a feel for the space and find the right things, although I'll admit there's something to be said for just going for it sometimes. 
Anyway, little by little the neglected areas are filling in.  I have a few arrangements I finally got done and wanted to share.
This is the hallway arrangement.  I usually concern myself with printing and hanging my favorite, almost perfect portraits.  But I decided I wanted somewhere to hang all the candid or neglected photos that I love and just get hidden in books.  I saw this fabric idea on Pinterest of course.  I pulled together some frames I already had, bought some dollar store frames that had mats, and had a little fun with them.  I painted all the frames white but gave them variety by using leftover fabric behind some of the pictures, yellow cardstock behind others, and leaving some matted.  I used photo corners, so I can change the pictures out when I want to.
The sad thing is I did this whole arrangement a long time ago and just left the center frame empty forever!  I even had the You are my Sunshine all made up in Photoshop.  But I was just feeling too cheap to have it printed on styrene.  Finally I just printed it on regular photo paper and spray glued it to a piece of cardboard.  I know the Sunshine thing has been done quite a lot, but it was a family favorite growing up, so it's significant to me.  As I've mentioned, I love to decorate with things that have meaning.
I'm a little embarrassed about my photography with these pics, but I guess I'm just not an interiors photographer.
I'd like to share the sunshine file.  I hope this works.  This is a 10x20 but I'm sure you could play with it a little in Photoshop, crop it to an 8x10 if it's easier.

Next, I finally found a big R for our stairway, and things started coming together after that.  I've just had that giant picture and the rectangular one up for a long time.  Sometimes I just have to let things be until the right thing presents itself, or I hunt it down.  Then I added in things that have been sitting around waiting for the right spot, and things that needed a new home.  I love it when that happens.  I almost got rid of that little mirror.

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