Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm not sure how to start out here, but I'll post some pics of the dining room, since it feels almost done to me. I dug around for some frames I already had, pulled out my collection from the DI, and painted some frames white. I have a friend who has a vinyl lettering business, so I asked her to make me the "Eat Cake" in a font I picked out. My grandpa used to say that, so it's in homage to him. I also framed a recipe for lemon filling in my grandma's own handwriting. I picked up a couple scrabble games at the DI (good for fridge magnets, in a bowl on the coffee table for a little impromptu game of scrabble, or art projects), so I had an R for the little frame. The key and the clock are things I had around so I stuck them up there.
I painted my old, dark chairs white and put new fabric on, I'm getting pretty good with the staple gun. It only took us a few months to finally screw the chairs back on. Our friends were threatening to stop coming over because their kids were always flipping themselves off the chairs. Waah (jk). So what needs to be done here? This table definitely needs to be refinished. I'm thinking of restaining the top and painting the legs white (any ideas appreciated)...someday. I'd like to get two non-matching chairs for end seats, and I need some curtains for the sliding door. I'm terrible when it comes to curtains, I'm not sure what I want.
I like my decor to have meaning, and I feel like this arrangement accomplishes that. It was also really inexpensive!

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