Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pretty sure I'm hitting overload

So sometimes I can't sleep because I'm writing a book in my head and I'm thinking about how I simply must buy a retro trailer and renovate it and should I design it shabby chic or glam but of course everything inside will be painted white either way and is there any way to hook that up to our van, will it do us any good if we can't get it anywhere or is it perfectly acceptable to leave it in our yard as a playhouse where I can sneak inside and work or nap and our friends can sleep there and how do you even use the utilities in those things, I think I'd better google that right away.  And that is why I get out of bed after midnight and write a few paragraphs of the ya fairytale novel I'm trying to write, google retro trailers, and blog.  I have done this MANY nights this summer, and Dan doesn't like it.  Also, I feel like crap during the day because my body doesn't like it.  And of course I'm running my photography business too, slow though it is, and my five kids are home from school so I barely get a minute to think, although I'm pretty much stuck to my computer chair anyway.  But don't judge me too harshly because I take them to the park, the drive in, the book store, let them have play dates and play in the sprinklers.  But why do they want my attention as well.  ;)  So that is how this summer is going. 
I'll add that Dan made me a delicious hamburger, fries, corn on the cob, fresh watermelon and pineapple dinner, and a giant chocolate cheesecake with ganache and raspberry topping for my birthday.  Seriously.  And I wonder why I can't sleep.  I'm still dreaming about having that cake again tomorrow.  It's in the fridge I have to wait?
It was sad not having the Haake's and our other friends to party with today, but we did alright.  Dan got me wicked tickets awhile ago for my birthday present.  We're going in August, I'm so excited!  He also got me dark cherry almond cluster things from Costco and a Niel Gaiman book.  Yes, he knows where my hear lies.  Don't they say the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach?  That's weird.
Here are a few trailer pics so you can understand my angst. 
Feast your eyes and fall in love.
Wouldn't that little thing be the perfect thing for two.  Not sure how to work it with seven.


  1. I am now dreaming of chocolate cheesecake with ganache and raspberry toppings...Thank you very much. I did notice all the pinnings of trailers. I wondered what you possibly needed a trailer for...ohh a photography office? I understand about the overload. I often write books in my head and obsess over things (although never trailers) until I drive myself crazy. I had to start keeping a notebook by my bed so I could write it all out and then finally go to sleep. GO TO BED JESSICA! The cake will be so much better tomorrow when you are well rested. Believe me sleep deprivation solves absolutely nothing, it only creates bigger problems!

  2. You are writing a book? I'll buy one, maybe ten. You are hilarious. And your kitchen is just like out of a magazine. So pretty and clean and sohip. Hmmm. I want to get on the hip train, but I don't think I am cool enough. Trailers? I guess they could be like Catarina and the box. Have it be a play house and when your done with that turn it into your office, and when you don't like that anymore you can turn it into your guest house. HAS DEFINITE POSSIBILITIES.

  3. That cheesecake was so good. With some tweaking, it would be much like Garden Cafe's before they went all yucky. Those were the days. I'm having fun writing. Always wanted to give it a try but didn't have any direction, plot wise. Not sure if it's any good yet but it still feels like an accomplishment, kindof a bucket list thing. The trailer could have so many lovely possibilities indeed. You are so cool, Steph, like a twiggy model that can get away with wearing cool and unusual things.