Friday, March 23, 2012

Fab Find and Some Spray Paint! My Favorite!

I saw this headboard at the DI and knew I wanted it, but I also knew I didn't have a bed the appropriate size and therefore didn't need it.  I actually passed it up because I'm feeling like I need to be careful about buying all kinds of crap I won't really use.  When I showed Dan the phone snapshot of it he actually asked me why I didn't buy it. What? He's usually the guy who asks me why I bought a piece of junk I don't need.  He actually went and picked it up.  So I had to buy a bed and bed ensemble to go with the $7 headboard.  What a deal!!! Actually my two girls kept climbing into bed with each other.  Two growing girls in one twin bed wasn't a very good fit.   I thought we might as well buy them a bigger bed to share.  I  loved sharing a bed with my sister, or is that one of those things that seem sweeter when you look back on it? Maybe for her, I used to do some frightening things in my wake up with a screwdriver.  But I digress.  We also thought it would be nice to have a bigger bed to put guests in until we finally finish the downstairs.  The kids like camping out in one room together every now and then anyway.  So I was so excited to get to use this awesome piece! It was a bit of trouble.  I had to switch all the stuff between the two girl's rooms.  I had made two twin headboards and they have matching-ish blankets and I wanted to keep those so I put them in the other girlie room.  I didn't want to loose the vintage book art I had made either (my grandma used to read us that book, so I bought one on ebay to pull apart rather than ruin the original).  So I put those in this room and made Dan switch the light fixture (re-store find, spraypainted) as well.  He didn't like that.  Apparently one of them was a pain to put back in.  The other challenge was the fact that my girls are growing up and starting to have opinions! My oldest wanted to make sure I didn't use white or grey or anything "boring."  Originally I had painted the headboard white but when I put it up it was very sad.  It just lacked that punch I knew my daughter would want so I went with red.  Also ALL of my kids have serious issues with change so it took some convincing, change just had to happen.   In the end everyone was  delighted.  People just need to learn to trust me around here.  That's the lesson.  Do what I say. 


  1. How come I didn't know you had a blog? It's so much fun to read! It's like I am sitting in your kitchen eating something fried and fattening and listening to you talk. I love it!

  2. You're too cute. If you were here now Dan might give you a cupcake. They are chocolate with peanut butter filling and pb buttercream frosting. He's making them for work.