Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Joy of Curtains

I have been obsessing over curtains for this dining room for ev er.  You'd think there would be more important things I could concern myself with but turns out, no.  Matching the odd green in my kitchen proved difficult, and they had to be long enough.  Finally I had my fabulous friend Leslie make me some. I wish I'd bought a little more green fabric so they could be a little wider, but I mostly pull them back anyway. I think they make a big difference, and I love them. This room needed some fabric.  I almost feel like this room is done now.  Obviously the table could use some work, and maybe a runner or something, but we are very close. I suppose I should have taken a vertical shot here, sorry.
Also, I'll post a pic of my girls with their Gaga bows.  We're playing around with hair a little, since we have more time on our hands. 
Next goals for the summer; try to find some school-type activities that I can do with the kids.  Also, this house will be painted.  I am dreaming of the day I can cross it off the list. 

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