Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring is really making me want to get out my camera! Also, we've had so many big events lately.  Ayla was recently baptized.  It was really special because we had so many family members and friends come.  We also had chilli and every yummy thing Dan could make in two or three days time.  I made Dreamsicle cupcakes.  I used cheesecake pudding mix in a white cake batter, along with some modifications I found online like using butter instead of oil.  Then I whipped some cream cheese and orange kool aid into the buttercream frosting.  I thought they were yummy!  My friend Leslie sewed a special dress for Ayla.  I helped pick out the style and fabric, Ayla wanted teal or blue in it, and this is what Leslie came up with.  She's magical.
Savy had a rainbow-riffic St. Patrick's day birthday party.  It was very fun but so much work that afterwards I wondered why I went to so much effort for 6 yr. olds who may or may not have noticed that I painstakingly crafted rainbow poofs and a cutesy banner etc. etc.  I think they all had fun though. 
Katia got glasses.  She looks so cute in them.  The nice thing is a few of her friends wear them, so it was no big deal for her.  She's just so excited to be able to see everything clearly.  Dan finally got some new glasses today too.  The guys at the store formerly known as Cheaper Peepers, who always remember us by name and insurance no matter how long it's been, said they hadn't seen Dan in awhile.  I told them that was because they hooked him up with those glasses that never break.  And I hate those glasses!  The ones he had before reminded me of HRG (that's Horn Rimmed Glasses) from Heroes, RIP.  Then he got the boring ones.  Anyway this time he went all the way and got really dark rimmed ones.  I think he got them so he could look like Clark Kent.   He and his brother are always fighting over who gets to be Superman for some reason.  So I think he wins now.  I'll have to get a picture of him after he picks them up.  And I even got sunglasses so I can be one of the cool ladies at the park who make you nervous because you don't know where to look when you talk to them because you can't see their eyes. 
Well, one more day until the lovely weather comes back!!!


  1. Hi Jessica! I just finished reading your book "Lover's Quarrel" and wanted to thank you for such great reading experience! Congrats on getting baptized and welcome to the family! <3