Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dan hung stuff up!

I finally have something hanging in some of the blank spaces I've been staring at for months.  Awhile ago I spotted a cool shaped frame on Pinterest and I got so excited I went outside and got a huge piece of plywood that was left in front of our house and had Dan teach me to use the jigsaw.  I had priced around a little and decided I was going to have to do it myself.  It went pretty well except when there was this llama wandering around my street and it distracted me when I saw it out of the corner of my eye.  Then Dan went and got some carrots and tried to get the llama home, and that was funny, but I digress.  Then I had to sand and paint like crazy.  Then I had to do an awesome photo shoot to put on the frame.  It was a lot of work.  It was supposed to go in my entry, but when we made that bench I saw that there was no way it would look good together.  So finally Dan hung it over the stairs.  Basically I did a ton of work and it didn't really have a place to go, but it's up so there you go. 
I also found something else to put above the bench, I'm super happy about that.  This window was from my grandma and grandpa's house.  I basically grew up there so it's very sentimental.  I chose some photos I love and sprayed them with adhesive.  It left some glops, probably not the best choice but it's okay.  Some people have used invisible tape, not sure what the best option is.  I'm just happy to have some of my visions come together.  I definitely need something larger to go under that bench, and maybe some color there.  Opinions welcome.
I feel the need to apologize for this weird, shadowy picture.  Since I'm a photographer I feel I have no excuses for crappy pictures.  It's a lot of pressure.  

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