Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Get out of my nest!

Oh, I had to post this.  Remember when I said that if I ever found a way to get my way with the decorating I'd let you know.  Well, I stumbled upon this article, "Convincing Your Husband to Decorate Your Way." It's about getting your way!  The nice way, actually.
I laughed when I read the part about ceiling fans and pouffy leather sofas.  Ceiling fans are the never ending debate around here.  I of course want lovely and Dan of course wants functional.  We have the pouffy leather couch too, although I can't say much about that because I have already sold the one I just had to have.  Then there's the all too common story of the husband who refuses to paint the paneling.  I mean if it's high quality, nice looking wood I can see cause for a debate but my motto is "if it's ugly, paint it."  Makes sense.  Wood purists drive me crazy. 
I agree that the woman should have extra pull when it comes to the house.  It's our nest and all of that.  The woman who wrote the article explains it well.  BUT  how many of us have then turned around and yelled at our husband because he did NOT have an opinion about something.  We shove him out and then get mad because he won't answer us about which fabric for the curtains.  My husband and I used to do the decorating together.  It was a nice way for us to spend time together, and it's nice to share an interest. Over time our styles have diverged somewhat and we've had some heated debates.  These days he stands back and lets me take over more often.  Partly because he's busy and partly because he's seen me pour over hundreds of internet photos and realizes how important it is to me.  I hope it's not because I've bullied him until he doesn't care anymore.  He does still watch Design Star with me.  That's right, I'm outing him.
Like everything, it's about balance.  I don't agree that the bedroom is a woman's domain, I don't think a guy should have to sleep in pink ruffles if he doesn't want to. This is his home too, we do want them to be here, right? Not all guys have horrible taste.  Some of them enjoy being involved in the decorating process and it would be a shame to take that away from them.  I also think sometimes a guy has a hard time visualizing things the way a woman can and they should just trust us because we're usually right.  Okay, done rambling.  Here's the article.  Feel free to add your opinions on this fascinating topic.

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