Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"And when you look up, they drop on you."

I think that's jagulars.  Here's something that I'm pretty sure is a good idea;  A painted ceiling.  I want to paint my kitchen ceiling green.  It would work pretty well because the arch divides the rooms so there would be a good stopping point.  I think it would divide the spaces a bit more, cozy up the kitchen, and add some much needed color.  Dan is uncertain.  I think he's just not saying much, hoping the idea will blow over.  I actually told him to try that technique.  Instead of telling me, "That's a terrible idea," just say, "You're right.  That IS really awesome!"  Most of the time the excitement will die out or I'll change my mind anyway, totally negating the necessity of an argument.  He does love to avoid an argument, I told him my awesome arguing skills are totally wasted on him.  Anyway, time for some examples.  I think you'll believe once you see.

 I think the first pic is from and the purple is from  I don't know the rest of the sources.  I'm guessing that gingham is wallpaper or something, very cool.  I've seen stenciling done too.  I also saw some where they painted the underside of the porch a bright color.  Love that.  Anyway, something to think about. Opinions?

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